Kenya National Commission on Human Rights in conjunction with Network of African National Human Rights Institutions shall be convening in Kenya the first meeting of East Africa Community National Human Rights Institutions to deliberate on critical human rights issues in the region, share experiences and identify areas of mutual interest and collaboration. 
The three day conference will commences on December 7th to 9th at The Hilton Hotel. It will also draw participants from the Sudan, South Sudan and Cameroon as well as representation from Civil Society Organizations (CSO’) from the region. The conference will also draw a pool of experts from both Government, the academia, the civil society as well as representatives from regional and International bodies such as the African Union, Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and many more.

15 Speakers
4 Workshops
100 Seats


Opening session, KNCHR Chair Ms Kagwiria Mbogori

Speaker 1: Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori, Chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)

Speaker 2: Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda, Chairperson of the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions and Chairperson of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms – Cameroon

Speaker 3: Ms. Nardos Bekele - Thomas, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative

Speaker 4: Ms. Vivian Nasaka Makunda, Deputy ICC Liaison Officer 

Speaker 5: Mr. Frans Makken, Ambassador of the Royal Netherlands to Kenya  

Speaker 6: : Prof. Githu Muigai, the Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya 

Photo Session

Theme:Promoting Good Governance in East Africa: The Role of NHRIs
KNCHR Vice Chair Mr. George Morara

Plenary presentation - State of the region address
Speaker: Prof Shadrack B. O Gutto – Professor and Editor, University of South Africa

Session Objective: The overall objective of the session is to present  a critical analysis of the status of human rights realisation within the region.  The analysis is informed by an assessment of countries’ performance with regards to respect for the rule of law, promotion of rights based approach to development and measures taken to promote human rights in light of the various challenges that the region faces for example poverty, conflict and insecurity.

The session sets the tone for the conference; looking beyond the challeneges and exploring tangible interventions that focus on the role that NHRIs can play in promoting good governance in the region

Plenary presentation - Securing democracy and the rule of law: NHRIs & Civil Society organisations

 KNCHR Commisioner Mrs Jedidah Waruhiu

Speaker 1: Dr. Livingstone Sewenyana – Executive Director at Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI)

Speaker 2: Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori, Chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)

Speaker 3: Ms. Vivian Nakasa Makunda, Deputy ICC Liaison Officer – South Africa Human Rights Commission

Time allocation – aprox 15 minutes per speaker;

Session objective: The session aims at sharing of experiences by NHRIs and CSO on the promotion of democracy and good governance. The session will highlight the challenges that CSOs are facing especially around the shrinking civic space and the inteventions that can be made by NHRIs and explore opportunities for collaboration.

This discussion is framed around the Paris principles on the functioning of NHRIs and CSO engagement.

Regional structures for accountability
KNCHR Commisioner Mrs Jedidah Waruhiu

Speaker: Florence Butegwa; UN Women ESARO Advisor on Policy and Governance
The continent has numerous legal instrumemnts and frameworks for the advancement of good governance . 
The session will explore the extent to which NHRIs and CSO have utilised these platforms, identify avenues for increased engagement and formulate strategies for accountability
Panel duration – 45 minutes. Number of panellists – 3. Time allocation – aprox 15 minutes per panellist;

Panellist 1: Ms Lilian Mbogo, NEPAD. 

Panellist 2: Mr. Gilbert Sebihogo, Executive Director for the Network of African National Human Rights Institutions (NANHRI)

Day 1 Recap

Day 2 Theme: Strengthening Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law

Role of NHRIs in promoting Constitutionalism and the Rule of law: Interrogating mandates and powers
KNCHR Commisioner Ms Suzzanne Chivusia

Speaker 1: Dr. Otiende Amollo, EBS, Chairperson & Secretary General, African Ombudsman & Mediators Association (AOMA) 
Speaker 2: Dr. Mutakha Kangu, Dean Moi University School of Law
Speaker 3:  Mr. Tom Bahame Nyanduga, CHRAGG, Tanzania
Speaker 4:Hon. Ken Okoth, Parliamentary Caucas on Human Rights

Time allocation – aprox 15 minutes per speaker;
Session Objective: To share experiences of NHRIs in promoting Constituionalism  and rule of law
A number of countries in the region have undertaken Constitutional reviews and some are in the process of reviewing their constitutions. In all instances the review has been aimed at improving governance structures, promoting respect for the rule of law, enhancing Human Rights protections and the rule of law.


Securing Democracy; the role of NHRIs in monitoring elections
KNCHR Vice Chair Mr. George Morara

Session objectives: Elections are the bedrock of a sound democracy. The session will draw on the experiences of the NHRIs in the region with regard to monitoring elections.

Notes: Panel duration – 45 minutes. Number of panellists – 3. Approx 15  minutes per panellist.

Panellist 1: Mr. Dickson Omondi, Resident Country Director, National Democratic Institute

Panellist 2: NHRI- Mr. Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza; Commission Nationale Indépendente des Droits de l'Homme du Burundi (CNIDH)

Panelist 3: Hon. Nyuol Justin Yaac - South Sudan Human Rights Commission

Safeguarding constitutionalism, promoting inclusion and diversity
KNCHR Chairperson Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori

Case study presentations by Countries

Notes: Panel duration – 2 hour. Number of panellists – 4. Time allocation 15  minutes per panellist.

Panelist 1: Prof. Michelo Hansungule, Expert in International Justice and Professor of Human Rights Law in the University of Pretoria, South Africa

Panelist 2: Hon. Isaac Mwaura, Member of Parliament, Republic of Kenya

Panelist 3: Deputy Chairperson Mr. Karemera Pierre, National Commission for Human Rights of Rwanda

Day 2 Recap

Theme NHRIs and the post 2015 agenda

The role of NHRIs in engaging with SDGs - The right to development 
KNCHR Vice Chair, Mr. George Morara

Speaker: Maria Therese – Keating, Country director, UNDP

Speaker 2: Mr. Joseph Suliman Khalil -The National Commission for Human Rights of Sudan

Speaker 3: Ms. Njeri  Kabeberi :  Opportunities for engagement; NHRI and CSOs


Session 8: Overview on SDGs - Opportunities for rights realization
Panel Discussion on selected goals

Panelist 1: Women and SDGs - Ms Nyaradzai Gumbonzvanda, General Secretary, World Young Women's Christian Association 

Panelist 2: Focus on SDGs specific to Security, Democracy and Governance – Ms Marcella Favretto Senior Human Rights Adviser OHCHR

Panelist 3: Financing the realization of the SDGs at National Level - Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori, Chairperson of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR)

Panelist 4: NHRI’s role and procedure in development of National Action Plans and the implementation of SDG’s -  Mr. Gordon Mwesigye - Uganda Human Rights Commission, Uganda

Plenary on Communique to media

Not Available

Media briefing and Closure

International Human Rights Day

Celebrations at freedom Corner- Uhuru park

Professor Kimani – Njogu – Twaweza Initiative

Jacqueline Olweya; Regional Coordination Adviser, UNDG ESA Secretariat

Event Rapporteurs; Millie Odongo


Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori

Chairperson, KNCHR

Dr. Chemuta Divine Banda

Chairperson, NANHRI

Prof. Githu Muigai

Attorney General, Kenya

Adv. Mabedle Lawrence

Chairperson, ICC of NHRIs (ICC) and South African Human Rights Commission

Mr. Frans Makken

Ambassador of the Royal Netherlands to Kenya

Marcella Farvetto

Senior Human Rights Advisor, OHCHR


Frequently Asked Question

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The Conference has selected participants with very limited spaces left for interested parties to attend.

Interested participants can visit conference webpage hrc.knchr.org daily to view all updates and presentations.You can also follow us and participate via twitter using the handle @EACNHRIconf2015

Aside from the invited guests, all other participants are expected to take care of their travel, accommodation and other costs. There are varied hotels ranging from budget to 5 star within the city centre. Anyone wishing to inquire on specific or varied hotels can send their inquiries to hrc2015@knchr.org  and iakello@knchr.org

All participants shall be given relevant writing materials such as notebooks, folders and pens. It is advised that each participant comes with their own computers/laptops/ipads for ease of exchanging information.

Depending on one’s preference, you can change currency at the Airport on your way in, at the Hotel or ask for one of the conference assistance to direct you to a trusted Bureau. It is important to seek help from a KNCHR official at the conference to reduce the risk of being given fake notes by fraudulent persons.

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